Nunchuks Weapons Seminar!

This is your opportunity to attend a 1.5 hour weapons training seminar on the Nunchuk with Master Rome!  You must be a Junior Program student Green Belt or Higher (or participate in the Teen/Adult Program classes).

When:  February 18 (Sunday)
Time:  3 – 4:30 PM
Cost:  $50 (if you have Nunchuks) $65 (includes Nunchuks)
For Which Rank:  Junior Program students Green Belt and above or Teen/Adult Program students of all ranks

Click here to email the studio.  We can reserve your spot with payment (we can use the card/bank account we have on file for you if you pay your tuition monthly) or you can pay in the office with cash, check or Visa/MC.  (Just ask us to use the card on file and let us know if you/your child already has a pair of Nunchuks.)