KneeHigh Ninja

Beginning at Age 4

Our KneeHigh Ninja students enjoy classes that provide a supportive environment where they develop good habits such as following directions, improving their listening skills and attention, as well as respect for self and others.

While children will of course be learning solid Tae Kwon Do basics, they will also be enhancing their motor skills and coordination—plus, more importantly, they will be learning essential “life skills” like respect, discipline and confidence.

Achievement System

Our system was developed to help make sure your child succeeds not just in Tae Kwon Do. The goal is to help develop positive life skills that are “transferable” from the Tae Kwon Do class to home and school. Achievement stripes are a great way to build your child’s self-esteem and a positive attitude. These include a “Red Stripe” for good effort in Tae Kwon Do class as well as a “Blue Stripe” for doing their best at home (I.e., being respectful, helping around the house, etc.) They are awarded at the end of class in front of their peers. This is one-way Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do uses positive reinforcement in your child’s development.

After a student has earned all the appropriate achievement stripes and completed the minimum number of classes, they are ready to test for the next belt.

Belt Rank
(minimum # of classes at rank)

Belt Test
(to achieve this rank)

Belt Achievements (stripes)

White (9) Student Creed Red/Blue
Yellow Stripe (9) 9 Second Bow Red/Blue
Orange Stripe (12) Stranger Danger Red/Blue
Green Stripe (12) Front Punch, Back Punch, Front Kick Red/Blue
Purple Stripe (15) Kamsah (First 4 Moves) Red/Blue
Blue Stripe (15) Blocks & Reflexes Red/Blue
Red Stripe (20) Block Combinations Red/Blue/Black
Brown Stripe (20) 3 Count Round Kick Red/Blue/Black
Black Stripe (25) Kamsah (All 10 Moves) Red/Blue/Black/Black
Double Yellow Stripe (30) 4 Count Side Kick Red/Blue/Black/Black
Double Orange Stripe (30) All KneeHigh Ninja Curriculum Red/Blue/White/Black/Black
Double Green Stripe (30) 1st Three White Belt Basics (defensive/offensive) Red/Blue/White/Black/Black
Double Purple Stripe (30+) 1st Two White Belt Sparring Basics Red/Blue/White/Black/Black
Double Blue Stripe (30+) 4th White Belt Basic (defensive/offensive) Red/Blue/White/Black/Black
Double Red Stripe (30+) 5th White Belt Basic (defensive/offensive) Red/Blue/White/Black/Black
Double Brown Stripe (30+) All Previous Curriculum Red/Blue/White/Black/Black