Our school has developed a “Facility Emergency Plan” in conjunction with Arlington County Fire Department. This plan addresses many emergency situations that any organization may face, such as:

  • Fire
  • Other need to evacuate (bomb threat, etc.)
  • Medical emergency
  • Violent episode
  • Emergency Preparedness—Reverse Evacuation (the need to “shelter in place” as directed by authorities)

This document (kept on file in the school’s main office) outlines the details that our staff needs to take in the event of an emergency. Our staff is regularly trained on the details of these protocols.

In the event of the need for an evacuation, our staff will follow protocol to evacuate students as appropriate. Students and staff will assemble in the parking area of Duck Donuts. If this location is not available or accessible, the alternative meeting location is the parking area around the Urgent Care (stand alone building). If the school has been evacuated, please go to one of these two locations to pick up your child.

If you have any questions about this plan or these procedures, please do not hesitate to ask.