How Belts Work

Before Black: How Belts Work.

Everyone’s heard of the Black Belt. But, of course, that’s not where you start. There are several steps along the way. You can think of each as a rung on a ladder. In fact, the “belt ladder” is what we call our progression system. And it includes not only colors, but stripes, each marking the achievement of a new set of skills.

In our Adult Program, students advance in rank one solid color at a time, testing approximately every 3 to 4 months.

In our Junior Program, students must earn a striped belt before testing for the next solid color. The striped belt is the current belt color with the addition of a stripe of the next belt color—this is called the “High Belt” of the current color.

In our KneeHigh Ninja Program, students earn a new “KneeHigh Ninja (striped) Belt” every few weeks to help them stay motivated and reward them for their good effort.

All programs incorporate the earning of “stripes” (colored tapes) on the belt.  This system was developed to help make sure students succeed not just in Tae Kwon Do. The goal is to help develop positive life skills that are “transferable” from the Tae Kwon Do class to home and school. Achievement stripes are a great way to build a student’s self-esteem and a positive attitude. 

 For children, these include a “Red Stripe” for good effort in Tae Kwon Do class, a “White Stripe” for doing their best at school, as well as a “Blue Stripe” for doing their best at home (I.e., being respectful, helping around the house, etc.) They are awarded at the end of class in front of their peers. This is one way Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do uses positive reinforcement in your child’s development.

Kamsah: The First Form

One of the most important aspects of Tae Kwon Do training is learning “Forms” (“Hyungs” in Korean), a series of movements performed in a set pattern. By practicing forms, students develop coordination, balance, timing, breath control, and rhythm. There are many different forms you must master on your way to becoming a Black Belt; here you can click through the first you’ll learn: Kamsah.

Download the Kamsah information sheet.

KneeHigh Ninja Program

Starting at 4 years old, our KneeHigh Ninja students enjoy classes that provide a supportive environment where they develop good habits such as following directions, improving their listening skills and attention, as well as respect for self and others.

Junior & Family Program

Our older grade-school age students develop confidence and character by earning higher levels of Tae Kwon Do ranks. This gives then a sense of achievement and accomplishment that can be applied to other areas of life. Parents appreciate the ability to attend classes and train with their children in a studio dedicated to family fitness.


Teen & Adult Program

Our Program for older teens and adults offers the ideal balance of physical exercise, philosophy, self-defense, and a Martial Arts curriculum. Through dedicated practice and by working towards common goals, these students develop a strong sense of community.