We pride ourselves in helping each student achieve their goals and developing their mental and physical strength. This is what attaining a Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do Black Belt requires.

For some of our candidates this journey to Black Belt began in our Knee High Ninja Program, when they were only four years old!

This month, these candidates passed our Arlington Qualifier and the Panel Exam in front of the Jhoon Rhee Masters from Arlington and Falls Church. Our candidates persevered and we would like to present and congratulate our newest Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do Black Belts!

“In addition to my demeanor and attitude shift, my exposure to the “might for right” philosophy led me to seek out other philosophical ideas to improve myself. Without this change, I would not have had the courage, resilience, and self-discipline to get through the courses I’m enjoying now because I doubt I would have had enough control over my mind to study, pay attention in class, or commit to long hours in pursuit of knowledge. Once my attitude and increased respectfulness took root within me, I was able to achieve much more than I could before. I became less bitter and pessimistic, and I found I was able to help others who were going through the same mental transition. Over time, I have continued to help others in my life who experience mental stress, school difficulties, and other life transitions. I am very good at providing uplifting, encouraging, action-oriented insights to anyone who comes to me for help, and I credit Jhoon Rhee’s commitment to volunteerism and community service with my development in this regard. Not only am I happier, I developed a growth mindset that has been the key to my success in the areas I’m interested in, such as Advanced Placement Physics.”

“While both perseverance and discipline have played significant roles in my Tae Kwon Do journey, these skills have also seeped into other aspects of my life. In school, I have developed a never-give-up attitude, even when faced with a challenging assignment or difficult group to work with for a project. Just like it takes years of persistence to achieve your black belt, for larger assignments I know it takes multiple days to complete them because anything worth doing well takes plenty of time and effort. Since ninth grade, I have been on my high school’s dance team; however, there have been many times I’ve wanted to quit due to a lack of involvement from our coaches. I never let this hindrance prevent me from continuing to dance throughout high school because it’s been my passion since I started at just three-years-old. As the captain of our team, I have persevered through our coaches’ lack of attention by choreographing and teaching all of our routines, coordinating music and outfits for every performance, and keeping the team focused during practices.”

“As I continued into high school, I realized the 3 most essential principles I’ve developed thanks to Taekwondo were confidence, focus, and self-discipline. All of these contributed both to my achievements in school and in the many different sports, clubs, and organizations I joined. This included being a part of the Track, Cross-country, and Swim teams at my school, all of which I earned Varsity letters thanks to the self-discipline and focus I developed at Taekwondo, not to mention the years of physical development of my speed, strength, and endurance, all of which are crucial to each sport I joined. In addition to giving me the confidence and desire to seek participation and success in other sports, Taekwondo transformed me from an unimpressive recreational sports player as a child to a seasoned athlete in a variety of school sports.

Thanks to Jhoon Rhee Taekwondo, I developed the confidence and initiative to join the National Honor Society and Minority Men’s United Club at my school, both of which fostered community engagement through organizing and volunteering in events such as fundraisers, sports competitions, and food packaging. “

“Taking on leadership or public speaking roles has always been a strength of mine. I’m the first person to volunteer to do a presentation, to talk to adults, or to start a new club. I’ve been a part of theatrical events and other speaking events where all the eyes are on me. My self-confidence has been consistent through the years… Teaching helped me become more familiar with the Tae K won Do curriculum and I had to show off my techniques because students will practice the way you show them to them. I take these lessons that I have learned into my everyday life. I also work as a math instructor and I understand that some students learn differently. I am able to show them various ways to solve problems so it’ll be easier for them. I feel that I am successfully able to help others”