We are excited to announce a relaunch of our schedule and more in-studio classes!

Click here for our updated protocols and current schedule.


Jhoon Rhee Tae Kwon Do in Arlington was selected as one of the “Best of the Best” Martial Arts schools by Sun Gazette readers!

Thank you to all who voted for us!  To see the complete “Best of the Best” issue, click here.



First, please understand that our top priority is the health and safety of our students, families and staff as we plan for our re-opening.

While we must remain closed during “Forward Virginia” Phase 1, we are working hard behind the scenes to be prepared for Phase 2 which is when we will be allowed to re-open our studio for in-person classes. We are consulting medical and business professionals, increasing inventory for cleaning and other supplies, planning how to “socially distance” on the mats, etc.

We will continue to offer “zoom” live-stream classes once we re-open. This is for two primary reasons:

  1. We know some of our families/students will not feel comfortable returning to the studio just yet, and
  2. With Forward Virginia’s guidelines and restrictions, we will have to limit the number of individuals on each floor to nine (9) students and one (1) instructor. This means we will need to offer live-steam classes to ensure students can attend enough classes per week.

To assist us with developing our schedule (in-studio and ‘zoom’) we will be sending out a short, but very important, survey soon. Please plan to complete the survey as it will help us determine how many of each class type/rank we will need to schedule.

Because of the strict guidelines and protocols, we will not be offering in-studio classes for our Knee High Ninja students at this time. However, we do plan to expand the ‘zoom’ class schedule for these students.

In the meantime, click below for this week’s Zoom Class Schedules:
If you are interested in starting classes, or are an actively-enrolled student and have not been receiving invitations to the online classes, please email us at [email protected].
Father’s Day– IT’S ALMOST HERE!!
Need a great gift idea for dad this year?  Our PARENT PROGRAM is the solution!!
For $39 dad will enjoy four (4) weeks of unlimited classes. Our Parent Program includes a uniform, but is limited to new students only. Email us at [email protected] to get started!
Offer good through June 30, 2020!
(Must begin classes before 2021)
Virginia’s Reopening Guidelines indicate that indoor sports and exercise facilities must remain physically closed during Phase 1.
We appreciate your dedication and patience as we continue to prepare the studio in anticipation of offering limited in-studio classes as guidelines allow.
In the meantime, click below for this week’s Zoom Class Schedules:

In observance of Memorial Day, we will not have any classes on Monday, May 25.  But, don’t worry!…  Junior ranks who normally have Monday classes will have classes on Friday in addition to their typical Wednesday class. You can view the schedule by clicking here. (The Kneehigh Ninja class schedule remains the same and can be viewed by clicking here.)

In addition, our Adult Cardio Kickboxing classes start on May 26…. Tuesdays at 6 PM and Saturdays at 9 AM. And, ADULT STUDENTS can attend these classes as part of their regular TKD membership!

Have a safe Holiday Weekend!

Help mom stay comfy while staying at home!

Mother’s Day is in two weeks!
Visit our online store Monday, April 27 – Friday, May 1 to order.  We will be sure to get your order to you by Mother’s Day!
What does your new and temporary ‘normal’ schedule look like? We hope it includes regular Tae Kwon Do Live Online Classes!
One of our top priorities during this crisis remains the health of our students and their families. Of course we believe a big part of ensuring long term health is to maintain an active and fit lifestyle, despite challenges! So be sure to add us to your regular routine to maintain:
  • physical well being
  • belt rank training and progress
  • curriculum retention
  • a semblance of normalcy
  • connections with friends and the Tae Kwon Do community

Live Online Classes
If you have opted to join our online classes, you will continue to receive e-mails with the weekly Zoom login information. Please remember:
  • participating students receive full class credit
  • we are awarding tapes and belts at the end of classes
If you have decided not to join our online classes, please stay healthy and continue training with our prerecorded warm-ups and curriculum videos!

If you are an actively-enrolled student and have not been receiving invitations
to the online classes, please email us at [email protected].

If you are not taking our “Live Stream” classes, email us at [email protected] to get started!


Our schedules have been updated and expanded, including a recently added 6pm Adult class on Wednesday. Please review and we hope to see you this week!

In order to remain in compliance with the temporary restrictions issued through Virginia Governor Northam’s executive order, our physical doors will remain closed to the public through at least June 10, barring any significant developments.
There is no need to explain the hardships small businesses like ours are currently facing. Despite this, we are here to support you during this unsettling time.  We are working diligently to continue to provide several creative training options for all students.  We are confident that we have developed enough of a variety to choose from that our students and families will remain satisfied customers!
These training options, especially our live stream classes, are not only a training opportunity, but an opportunity to remain connected with our Tae Kwon Do community in an effort to decrease feelings of isolation.

How does this impact my membership?

To start, all missed time, so far two weeks, will be added to the end of current memberships.  

Once we have finished our “trial” period of live streaming classes (4/3/2020), we will then offer students two options.  In both instances, regular monthly tuition payments will be processed for those on a monthly plan (next autopay is 4/5/20), but all students will have the option to either:
1. Not engage in the live stream classes (but still use our other resources such as training videos and video submission for one-on-one feedback) and have ALL missed time added to the end of memberships so that time is not lost; or 
2. Engage in our live stream classes (as well as utilize our other video resources and video submission for one-one-one feedback) and have ONE WEEK for every four weeks our physical doors are closed added to the end of memberships.
Additionally, students with active memberships will receive the following once we re-open:
1. Each Kneehigh Ninja student will receive a credit voucher good for one complimentary “Ninja Night Out”
2. Each Junior student will receive a credit voucher good for one complimentary “Junior Night Out”
3. Each Teen student will receive a credit voucher good for one complimentary “Teen Night Out”
4. Adult students will receive a 100% discount off of their next Belt Test/Graduation Fee (Under Belt Tests Only; 1st Browns and Black Belts will receive a free private lesson.)
Again, we greatly appreciate your continued support.  Through the community you have helped us create, we will continue to face challenges and strive for success together.
At this time it is our intention to remain closed for the next four weeks, with a possible reopen date of Monday, April 13. We will continue to monitor all pandemic updates and issue studio updates as warranted.
Although our studio is physically closed, we are working to compile several training options that will ensure students remain on track. These include, but are not limited to, training videos and student practice sheets. In the meantime, please be sure to visit our website for resources and videos to help with your home practice and review.
Since APS has made the decision to close, Jhoon Rhee Arlington has decided to CLOSE starting Saturday, March 14th. (Our last day of classes is March 13.) This includes all classes, private lessons, Adaptive TKD, and special events.
How does this affect my membership?
  • All trial students will have their memberships extended by the number of weeks we are closed.
  • All enrolled students will have their agreements extended by the number of weeks we are closed.
  • We will continue to monitor the situation and make decisions in the interest of our staff and students.
  • Please be sure to visit our website for resources and videos to help with your home practice and review. More resources will be made available.
We appreciate your patience and understanding through this situation.

This alert will be updated as new information becomes available. 

    • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer only if soap and water are not available.
    • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth as much as possible.
    • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve (not hands) when coughing or sneezing.
    • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.
    • Stay home when you are sick.
    • Avoid contact with sick people as much as possible.
More information: 
Experts are working hard to understand this new strain of coronavirus. Because new information is coming out by the hour, please visit the sites below to stay up-to-date.