We are excited to announce a relaunch of our schedule and more in-studio classes!

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You must reserve a class to attend due to our capacity and spacing requirements. By reserving/attending a class, you are in agreement with the following:

If you/your child have had close contact with anyone diagnosed with the COVID-19 illness or attended large event(s) within the last 14 days, we ask that you abstain from signing up for classes until 14 days have passed and you/your child are not experiencing any symptoms associated with COVID-19.

Click here to reserve your class. (Specific instructions at bottom of page)
CURRENT SCHEDULE (zoom and in-studio) 


Please note the procedures:

  1. All classes adhere to current capacity and distancing restrictions; therefore, a “first come, first served” online reservation is required prior to attending (instructions at bottom of page). There will be no more than 10 (Floor A) or 12 (Floor B) students and one (1) instructor on each floor for each class (if a class is not at capacity, a second instructor may join to assist).
    • KneeHigh Ninja students will be joined by one (1) parent/legal guardian or caregiver on the mats each class. Due to current capacity restrictions only one (1) parent/legal guardian or accompanying adult may participate per KneeHigh Ninja student(s).
    • Parents/legal guardians of KneeHigh Ninja students, or their caregiver, are also participants.   This participant is required to remain on the mats with their student(s).  If a participant is accompanying more than one student, the students must be living in the same household.  
    • Anyone other than a parent who accompanies the student onto the mat (I.e., Nanny, Au Pair, etc.) must sign our waiver prior to the class (only needs to be signed once).
    • Only actively enrolled KneeHigh Ninja students and their designated caregiver may participate in an In-Studio KneeHigh Ninja class.
  2. Before being allowed into class, as per CDC guidelines, each participant is “screened” for symptoms associated with Covid-19 through verbal confirmation (see https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/downloads/COVID19-symptoms-11×17-en.pdf). If an affirmative response is received, they will be denied access.
  3. Participants are expected to follow all traffic directions for entering and exiting the studio. “One Way Traffic” is used to maintain social distance requirements.
  4. Face-coverings for all participants are required. At a minimum, instructors wear 2-ply, 100% cotton, washable face coverings. Please do not wear “neck gaiter” style coverings.
  5. All students, except KneeHigh Ninjas, are expected to “warm-up” and stretch at home prior to attending class, as there will be limited warm-up/stretching in-studio. Most classes will be 30 minutes. (1st Brown, Black Belt and Adult classes will be 45 minutes.)
  6. KneeHigh Ninja classes incorporate an alternating balance between exercise and recovery time.  All other Tae Kwon Do classes are designed to concentrate more on “technique”, along with emphasis on pattern memorization. These classes include less ‘cardio’ or other activities that would increase ‘heavy breathing’ and the spread of respiratory droplets (and can be more difficult with face-coverings).
  7. The changing rooms are closed, so students must arrive in uniform. No gear bags are allowed. The only item students need to bring is their “belt stretcher” (purple belts and up, does not apply to KneeHigh Ninjas).
  8. The water coolers inside the studio are not available for use. While you may bring a water bottle, we will ask that you not use it while on the mats. Please hydrate before/after class.
  9. Participants are required to wash or sanitize their hands prior to class (hand sanitizer stations are available throughout the studio).
  10. Participants must maintain ‘social distancing’ by remaining 10 feet apart while on the mats; mats will be designated as such. The instructor on the floor will also be 10′ feet apart from participants.
  11. Parents/visitors of Junior/Teen students are not allowed to remain in the studio; our lobbies are closed.  You are expected to “meet” your student at a designated location or to walk your student in/out.  Parents/legal guardians of KneeHigh Ninja students are also participants and therefore required to remain in-studio.
  12. Weather permitting; all doors are propped open to increase air circulation.
  13. We conduct strict cleaning and sanitizing of appropriate areas as per CDC guidelines.
  14. Participants may be asked to leave if they are not abiding by the expectations/requirements noted here, or if they begin to exhibit or seem to exhibit concerning symptoms.


Instructions for reserving your class (only required for in-studio classes):

Class reservations “open” 6 days before the class start time, “close” one hour before the class start time, and are on a “first come, first served” basis. If you are attempting to reserve within that time-frame and see no class option for your rank, email us!

  1. Once at the scheduling site jriarl.setmore.com/, review Our Booking Policy.  If you agree, select “Okay”.
  2. Select your class by rank (i.e. “Green Belt” or “KneeHigh Ninja: Blue and Up”).
  3. Select the corresponding class day and time.
  4. Either log in with Google, Facebook, or create your own “Setmore” account.  This will ensure you receive email and/or text reminders for the class, as well as the ability to cancel a reservation if needed.  If you have multiple family members, you will need to use separate email addresses or select “Skip login process” in order to enter more than one student per class. (Please enter the student’s name, not parent’s, or email when possible so that the student’s name shows on our roster.)
  5. Review the cancellation policy and the Waiver of Liability.  If you agree, check both corresponding boxes and then select “Continue”. (For KneeHigh Ninjas who will be accompanied on the mats by someone OTHER than a parent, they must sign the waiver located here and bring it with them to the first class they attend.)
  6. The confirmation default will generate a reminder email.  If you do not wish to receive a reminder email, be sure to uncheck the box next to “Yes, send me a reminder email”.
  7. Select “Book My TKD Class”.

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