We are finalizing preparations for our in-studio reopening! Please read below:

Knee High Ninja Students: Because of the strict guidelines and protocols, we will not be offering in-studio classes at this time. However, we do plan to expand the ‘zoom’ class schedule for Knee High Ninjas.  

Junior/Teen/Adult Students: Please note the new procedures that will be expected to be followed:

  1. There will be only 9 students and 1 instructor on each floor for each class; therefore, students will be required to reserve their requested time online prior to attending.  Most classes will be 30 minutes. 
  2. Before being allowed into class, as per CDC guidelines, each student will be “screened” for symptoms associated with Covid-19 through verbal confirmation (see https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/downloads/COVID19-symptoms-11×17-en.pdf). If an affirmative response is received, they will be denied access to the class.
  3. Students are expected to follow all traffic directions for entering and exiting the studio. “One Way Traffic” will be instituted to further social distance our students.
  4. Face-coverings for both students and instructors will be required. At a minimum, instructors will be wearing 2-ply, 100% cotton, washable face coverings.
  5. Students will be expected to “warm-up” and stretch at home prior to attending class, as there will be no warm-up/stretching in-studio.
  6. The class will concentrate more on “technique” along with emphasis on pattern memorization. There will be no ‘cardio’ or other activity that would increase ‘heavy breathing’ (as this would be difficult with face-coverings) and to further limit the spread of respiratory droplets.
  7. The changing rooms will be closed so students must arrive in uniform. No gear bags will be allowed. The only item students need to bring is their “belt stretcher” (purple belts and up).
  8. The water coolers will not be available for use.
  9. Students will be required to wash or sanitize their hands prior to their class (hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the school).
  10. Students must maintain ‘social distancing’ by remaining 10 feet apart while on the mats; Mats will be designated as such. The instructor on the floor will also be 10′ feet apart from the students.
  11. Parents/visitors will not be allowed to remain in the school; our lobbies will be closed. You will be expected to make arrangements to “meet” your student at a designated location or to walk your student in/out.
  12. Weather permitting; all doors will be propped open to increase air circulation.
  13. We will conduct strict cleaning and sanitizing of appropriate areas as per CDC guidelines.
  14. Students may be asked to leave if they are not abiding by the expectations/requirements noted here, or if they begin to exhibit or seem to exhibit concerning symptoms.

We are still determining the best date for our official reopening.

If you have a membership and did not receive the survey we emailed on 6/12/2020, please email us at office@arlingtonkicks.com for the survey link.  Completion of this survey will help us determine the best class schedule and prepare for your return.