First, please understand that our top priority is the health and safety of our students, families and staff as we plan for our re-opening.

While we must remain closed during “Forward Virginia” Phase 1, we are working hard behind the scenes to be prepared for Phase 2 which is when we will be allowed to re-open our studio for in-person classes. We are consulting medical and business professionals, increasing inventory for cleaning and other supplies, planning how to “socially distance” on the mats, etc.

We will continue to offer “zoom” live-stream classes once we re-open. This is for two primary reasons:

  1. We know some of our families/students will not feel comfortable returning to the studio just yet, and
  2. With Forward Virginia’s guidelines and restrictions, we will have to limit the number of individuals on each floor to nine (9) students and one (1) instructor. This means we will need to offer live-steam classes to ensure students can attend enough classes per week.

To assist us with developing our schedule (in-studio and ‘zoom’) we will be sending out a short, but very important, survey soon. Please plan to complete the survey as it will help us determine how many of each class type/rank we will need to schedule.

Because of the strict guidelines and protocols, we will not be offering in-studio classes for our Knee High Ninja students at this time. However, we do plan to expand the ‘zoom’ class schedule for these students.

In the meantime, click below for this week’s Zoom Class Schedules:
If you are interested in starting classes, or are an actively-enrolled student and have not been receiving invitations to the online classes, please email us at