What does your new and temporary ‘normal’ schedule look like? We hope it includes regular Tae Kwon Do Live Online Classes!
One of our top priorities during this crisis remains the health of our students and their families. Of course we believe a big part of ensuring long term health is to maintain an active and fit lifestyle, despite challenges! So be sure to add us to your regular routine to maintain:
  • physical well being
  • belt rank training and progress
  • curriculum retention
  • a semblance of normalcy
  • connections with friends and the Tae Kwon Do community

Live Online Classes
If you have opted to join our online classes, you will continue to receive e-mails with the weekly Zoom login information. Please remember:
  • participating students receive full class credit
  • we are awarding tapes and belts at the end of classes
If you have decided not to join our online classes, please stay healthy and continue training with our prerecorded warm-ups and curriculum videos!

If you are an actively-enrolled student and have not been receiving invitations
to the online classes, please email us at office@arlingtonkicks.com.

If you are not taking our “Live Stream” classes, email us at office@arlingtonkicks.com to get started!


Our schedules have been updated and expanded, including a recently added 6pm Adult class on Wednesday. Please review and we hope to see you this week!