April 30 is the anniversary of the passing of our Grandmaster, Jhoon Rhee, in 2018. Grand Master Rhee’s foremost achievement lies in introducing Tae Kwon Do to the United States in 1956.

His other contributions to the world of martial arts include:

  • Pioneering the development of martial arts safety equipment.
  • Serving as an instructor to members of congress for 45 years.
  • Training highly notable students including Muhammad Ali, Bruce Lee, and Tony Robbins, among others.

We invite you to learn more about our founder and his rich history at: https://arlingtonkicks.com/our-founder/

If interested, a link to his memorial service, with guests such as Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee’s widow, Linda Lee-Cadwell, can also be found on that page.

Grand Master Jhoon Rhee is deeply missed, and the ability to continue his legacy fills us with gratitude every day.