The Video Gallery: See How It’s Done.

Below you’ll find videos of the Basic/Combinations and Forms for each belt level. The videos are not truly instructional, since they do not outline every detail; however, they can serve as a good preview or refresher of the curriculum. Use the curriculum sheets on our instructional materials page for written details.

These videos show official Jhoon Rhee Institute forms as of JRI Certification August 2012*. For a list of Officially Certified Schools please visit



Traditional Forms

Musical Forms

Other Great

Combination Videos

White Belt Basics
Orange Belt 12 Basic Positions
Blue Belt Combinations
Gold Belt Combinations
Green Belt Combinations
Red Belt Combinations
Orange Belt 12 Basic Stances
Purple Belt Combinations

Forms (Underbelt) Videos

White Belt—Kamsah (Appreciation)
Green Belt—Hangook (Korea)
Red Belt—Meegook (America)
Gold Belt—Jayoo (Freedom)
Purple Belt—Jung-yi (Justice)
2nd Brown Belt—Might for Right-Exodus
Orange Belt—Chosang (Ancestors)
Blue Belt—Pyung-wa (Peace)*

Traditional Forms (Black Belt) Videos

Chon-Ji (Heaven and Earth)
Won-Hyo (Noted monk who introduced Buddhism to the Silla Dynasty in 686 A.D.)
Toi-Gye (Pen name of noted scholar Yi Hwang)
Kwang-Gae (19th King of the Ko Ku Ryo Dynasty)
Chasin – Modern Jhoon Rhee Form (Confidence)
Tan-Gun (Hero who founded Korea in 2334 B.C.)
Yul-Guk (Pseudonym for philosopher and scholar Yi I, also known as the Confucius of Korea)
Hwa-Rang (Youth Group who helped unify the three kingdoms of Korea)
Po-Eun (Scholar Mong Ju Chung, a faithful public servant of the King during the Koryo Dynasty)
To-San (Korean patriot and educator Ahn Chang Ho)
Chung-Gun (Korean Patriot who was martyred in prison in 1910)
Chung-Mu (Korean Admiral who invented the first armored submarine battleship)
Gae-Baek (Army General at the end of the Bak Je Dynasty)

Musical Forms Videos

Musical Jayoo
Musical Meegook
The Beauty of Mexico – Granada (to 3rd Dan)
Musical Chosang
Might for Right – Exodus
Musical Hangook
Marriage of East and West – Beethoven ( to 2nd Dan)

Other Great Videos

How to Tie Your Belt
Team Jhoon Rhee- Team Demonstration (2016)
Black Belt Speech- “What Jhoon Rhee TKD Has Done For Me”
Master Shackelford- Tournament Highlights 1987-2000
Master Shackelford- 1989 Competition Form
3rd Dan Black Belt Speech- “What My Contribution to Jhoon Rhee TKD Has Been”