Life Skills Through Martial Arts

Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee founded his institute in 1962, bringing his unique martial arts style and teaching techniques to America. Over 100,000 people have studied his method of Tae Kwon Do, including such luminaries as boxing legend Muhammad Ali, martial arts icon Bruce Lee, and President Joe Biden, as well as hundreds of members of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Masters Barry Shackelford and Francis Pineda continue Grandmaster Rhee’s mission of building confidence and discipline, strong character, as well as mental and physical fitness in their students. They have built a strong sense of community that provides a unique setting where students achieve life skills that will last a lifetime.

Congratulations, Competitors!

Congratulations to all students who competed at the Victory Cup tournament on April 14!  Jhoon Rhee Arlington was well represented with nearly 90 competitors and performed well, winning: Gold Medal in "Team Kamsah" Gold Medal in "Team Jayoo" Silver...

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Starting at 4 years old, our KneeHigh Ninja students enjoy classes that provide a supportive environment where they develop good habits such as following directions, improving their listening skills and attention, as well as respect for self and others.


Our older grade-school age students develop confidence and character by earning higher levels of Tae Kwon Do ranks. This gives them a sense of achievement and accomplishment that can be applied to other areas of life. Parents appreciate the ability to attend classes and train with their children in a studio dedicated to family fitness.


Our Program for older teens and adults offers the ideal balance of physical exercise, philosophy, self-defense, and a Martial Arts curriculum. Through dedicated practice and by working towards common goals, these students develop a strong sense of community.


Watch sample videos from our training curriculum.


Get to know our space!

“Dear Master Hawk, thank YOU! We have been so completely happy with the program and instructors at Jhoon Rhee. We continue to see positive changes in both behavior and attitude with (our son) since joining and are pleased to be a part of the community you all have created.”

“Not only have you helped us keep Brady engaged and on track with TKD, your leadership has been an invaluable demonstration of resiliency and carrying on when obstacles disrupt the everyday. We love everything about JRI and what you all teach the students. Thank you for helping us to prepare Brady for life.”


“A note to qualify Andres for his blue tape at his next Kneehigh ninja class Thank you! The change in his behavior has been quite noticeable. His sister even commented – “wow, Andres, you’re being so nice lately, you should really do more Tae Kwon Do!” 


[on virtual classes during COVID] “Thank you SO MUCH for doing this class today. Today was the happiest we have seen Ollie in almost two weeks, and I am sure a lot of it had to do with having a tae kwon do class which made life feel *almost* like normal. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


“I am incredibly grateful for the positive impact your program has had on Gabriel in such a short time. The quality of your instruction is truly exceptional, and … the emphasis you place on character-building. Witnessing Gabriel’s transformation has been truly remarkable. He has developed wonderful habits… The values of respect and self-control that you instill within your students are invaluable, and I will forever be grateful for the positive influence you have had on my son.”

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