Current In-Studio Protocols

Special Seminars

In addition to our standard curriculum, and available to both adults and children, we offer special programs or seminars as described below.

Weapons Seminars

Traditionally, the Korean Art of Tae Kwon Do does not include the use of Martial Arts weapons. However, our instructors have years of experience in various weapons, giving students the opportunity to expand their Martial Arts experience beyond the standard Jhoon Rhee curriculum. We offer weapons training separate from our regular class schedule by providing either weekly sessions (3-5 weeks) or “one-time seminars” of training with various weapons including Bo Staff, Kama, Nunchuks, Escrima, etc.

Other Topics

Along with specific weapons training as noted above, we offer specialized seminars/classes on a variety of topics.  Whether it be specific weapons training, or competition preparation training, bully awareness, or other topics, these sessions are held at various times throughout the year.

Typically these seminars are conducted as one hour classes held weekly for 2-6 week sessions, or as a one-time seminar on Friday, Saturday or Sundays.


No Seminars are currently scheduled.  We will send an email and post information here when the next seminar is scheduled.