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Current In-Studio Protocols

Virtual training: Home Tae Kwon Do class in session!

Welcome to our virtual training page!

While our regular routines remain disrupted, we encourage you to utilize one or all of the training tools detailed on this page to remain active and healthy! These options include:

Live Online Classes and Pre-Recorded Training Videos, with practice logs. (Scroll down to read more.)


We are excited to be offering Live Online Classes through the software called ZOOM.  All classes are 30 minutes except Adult, 1st Brown and Black Belt which are 45 minutes. 
Students will receive emails with login information for each class. If you are not receiving these emails, please email us immediately at [email protected].
On PC and MAC
– Visit: https://zoom.us/
– Select “Join a meeting” on the upper right.
– You will be asked to enter a meeting ID. This will be supplied in a later e-mail.
– You can join with Video and also with Audio.
– Look for the Jhoon Rhee Arlington window, mouseover, and click “Pin Video” from the “…” menu on the upper right of the Jhoon Rhee Arlington window.
On Smartphone and Tablet
– Download ZOOM Cloud Meetings by Meet Happy from your App store.
– Slide your screen to the right. You will see everyone logged on. 
– Double tap Jhoon Rhee Arlington to PIN this video.
Please Note:
– Please set up ZOOM and await schedules and passwords!
– Creating an account with Zoom is not necessary to join our meetings.
– Once the apps have been installed, you can simply join the meetings from the app itself.
– By default, you will be MUTED. Please keep yourself muted until you are asked otherwise.
– Please PIN the video with the studio. This way, you will not switch to someone else’s screen.


Pre-Recorded Training Videos

The videos on this page are brief training videos designed for students to “follow along” at home.

A few points to remember:

  • Please be aware of your surroundings while practicing.
  • Please be sure you are not on a slick surface and not wearing socks. 
  • For best results, please start with one of our “Warm Up” videos first.
  • Have fun! Email us and let us know how your practice is going… Download a training log by clicking below, and email it to the studio!

As a complement to this page, you can also view videos of various combinations and forms—visit our video gallery.

KneeHigh Nina Training Videos

> Warm Up with Front Punch & Front Kick
> No Belt through Orange Belt Drills
> Green Belt through Blue Belt Drills
> Red Belt and Higher Drills

Junior/Family/Adult Training Videos

Warm Up

> Beginner Warm Up with Mr. Lynch!
> Intermediate Warm Up with Mr. Lynch!
> Warm Up with Mr. Barrett!
> Warm Up and Stretching with Master Rome & Mr. Barrett!
> Adult Warm Up – Yoga! with Master Rome & Mr. Barrett!

White Belt

> White Belt Technical Kicks and Basics
> White Belt Form and Sparring Basics

Gold Belt

> Gold Belt Technical Kick and Combinations
> Gold Belt Form

Orange Belt

> Orange Belt Technical Kick and “Stances & Positions”
> Orange Belt Form

Green Belt

> Green Belt Technical Kick and Combinations
> Green Belt Form

Purple Belt

> Purple Belt Technical Kick and Combinations
> Purple Belt Form

Blue Belt

> Blue Belt Technical Kick and Combinations
> Blue Belt Form

Red Belt

> Red Belt Technical Kick and Combinations
> Red Belt Form

Brown Belt

> Brown Belt Technical Kicks
> Brown Belt Form
> 1st Brown Belt- Drills & Training Routine 

Black Belt

> Black Belt Traditional Form Drills

Adaptive Tae Kwon Do Training Videos

> ATKD Warm up, Strengthening & Stretching Exercises
> ATKD Speed Drills
> ATKD Balance
> ATKD Warm Up
> ATKD White Belts
> ATKD Gold Belts
> ATKD Orange Belts
> ATKD Green Belts
> ATKD Purple Belts
> ATKD Blue Belts
> ATKD Red Belts
> ATKD Brown Belts
> ATKD Black Belts