We are excited to announce a relaunch of our schedule and more in-studio classes!

Click here for our updated protocols and current schedule.

We had 47 students pass their belt test and graduate to the next rank, including the following who were recognized for special achievements: 

  • Liem Nguyen (Blue Belt) “Outstanding Marks”
  • Max Hendrey (1st Brown Belt) “Most Improved”

Congratulations, everyone!


Due to our testing this week (week of 1/27/2020), the following class changes will occur:

Monday: All Ninja Classes are on normal schedule. White and Gold Belt Juniors will be COMBINED at 6:00 on Floor A. The 6:45 Black Belt Class will be 45 minutes.   The 7:30 Adult class will be on Floor B.

Tuesday:  There is NO TESTING on Tuesday. All Classes including Cardio Kickboxing will continue as normally scheduled.  The 6:30 PM Black Belt class is open to all levels of Black Belt.

Wednesday: All Ninja Classes are on normal schedule. The 6:45 1st Brown Class is COMBINED with Black Belts at 6:30 on Floor B.

Thursday:   All Ninja Classes are on normal schedule.    The 6:45 1st Brown Belt Class is COMBINED with Black at 5:45 on Floor B.

Friday: All Ninja and Junior classes as regularly scheduled. The 6:45 Adult Class is CANCELED.  Adults are welcome to attend the Family classes.



We are open for our regular class schedule on Monday, January 20!


Our next Belt Testing and Graduation will be the week of January 7 with the Graduation Ceremony being on Friday, January 31. Potential candidates will be notified via email.


We had 43 students pass their belt test and graduate to the next rank, including the following who received “Outstanding Marks:”

  • Isabella Leas (Purple Belt)
  • Maya Kaminski (Blue Belt)

Also, Maggie Morris (Red Belt) and Janna Zabadi (1st Brown Belt) were recognized as our Most Improved Students this month.

Congratulations, everyone!


We will be closed for our Holiday Winter Break from Dec. 23 to Jan. 2.
(Our last day of classes will be Saturday Dec. 21, with classes resuming on Thursday Jan. 2.) 

Please note there will be NO CARDIO CLASS on Dec. 21.

We hope everyone has a great Holiday!


On November 16, the following students passed the second part of their exam to achieve the rank of Black Belt, or 2nd Degree Black! Congratulations!








Pictured with members of the Jhoon Rhee Arlington Staff:

(second row) – Ian Solano, Bryant Lisk, Alex Ardaiz (2nd Dan), Amy Verderame, Katrina Shuster
(front row) – Larson Grant, Landon Frantz, Celeste Boyer, Tucker Rook


Please remember that we will be CLOSED starting Thursday, November 28 through the entire holiday weekend. We will reopen Monday, December 2 with our regular schedule.
There will be Cardio Classes at 9 AM on Nov 28 (Turkey Burn!) and 8 AM on Nov 30.
Have a safe, great Thanksgiving!
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