Our Approach

Congratulations on passing your test!

Click here to access our “Student Access” page (Please email us if you do not have the current passcode).

Here you can download your new rank curriculum sheet, review your new rank curriculum videos, and even take an ‘online pre-recorded class’ by clicking on the “Instructional Training Videos” for your new rank! Please be sure to start familiarizing yourself with your new curriculum and committing it to memory.

At certain stages on your way to Black Belt, we introduce new drills and curriculum. Please note the following new requirements:

Gold Belt:

At Gold belt, we continue our sparring drills and begin free sparring. This requires the rest of your protective equipment which must be purchase from us due to ‘uniform code’ and safety requirements. Your sparring equipment will cost approximately $225-$275 depending on certain options. Please email us to let us know when you will next be in class so we can arrange a time for your gear purchase.

Orange Belt:

At this rank, we begin perfecting the 12 Basic Stances and Positions that are essential in forming a technical foundation that will help in your journey to Black Belt. We have the Jhoon Rhee Daily Dozen poster available which gives a good summary and cues of this material. This is an optional purchase and available in the office. The cost is $14.31 including tax.

Purple Belt:

You will need a BELT STRETCHER. This training tool was developed by Grandmaster Rhee to help enhance posture, balance, flexibility, and technique. This will become a part of your belt exams and will be an important part of your Black Belt exam. The cost is $14.31 including tax.

Red Belt:

You are now eligible to participate in our Leadership Program.  To get started, you must attend a Leadership Workshop.  Please CLICK HERE to find out more about the program.

2nd Brown Belt:

At this rank, you will begin to learn forms to music. Please review the musical form video “Might for Right” to the music of “Exodus” under the “Student Access” section noted above.