In order to remain in compliance with the temporary restrictions issued through Virginia Governor Northam's executive order, our physical doors will remain closed to the public through at least June 10th.

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Due to our testing this week (week of 1/27/2020), the following class changes will occur:

Monday: All Ninja Classes are on normal schedule. White and Gold Belt Juniors will be COMBINED at 6:00 on Floor A. The 6:45 Black Belt Class will be 45 minutes.   The 7:30 Adult class will be on Floor B.

Tuesday:  There is NO TESTING on Tuesday. All Classes including Cardio Kickboxing will continue as normally scheduled.  The 6:30 PM Black Belt class is open to all levels of Black Belt.

Wednesday: All Ninja Classes are on normal schedule. The 6:45 1st Brown Class is COMBINED with Black Belts at 6:30 on Floor B.

Thursday:   All Ninja Classes are on normal schedule.    The 6:45 1st Brown Belt Class is COMBINED with Black at 5:45 on Floor B.

Friday: All Ninja and Junior classes as regularly scheduled. The 6:45 Adult Class is CANCELED.  Adults are welcome to attend the Family classes.